05 September, 2011

First rehearsal

Just like the first day of school again, except I've been here already!
Umm, remember that time when the theater double-confirmed on the phone which version of the dialogue I'd have to learn for this show? Yea...those 5 pages of memorized dialogue all nice and neat in my head?
Out the window.
This is frustrating for me, obviously, because I can't ad-lib or improvise THAT easily in German (I mean, really not that much at all). I have to know line by line what my entrance is, what word cue to take, etc...and this production seems to revolve around the fact that the previous people who did it didn't follow the dialogue very closely.
So the souffleuse (that's the prompter) has three versions of what to prompt, and most often the tenor will say whatever he wants anyway.
I'll be sitting with my score out this evening until tomorrow's evening rehearsal.

Otherwise, it's one of those shows again..where I'm being 'plugged' into a production that has been done before, dvd and all.
So yes, I have the dvd. And yes, once I get the RIGHT version of the dialogue I will get to figure out how to make it my own.

I sure hope all that happens within the next 15 days.

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