09 September, 2011

so far...

I know MOST of the new dialogue that has been thrown at me.
We have blocked all of Act I and the beginning of Act II, and I actually remember what I'm supposed to do even after getting just one or two 'go's at it.
It's been strange to only have rehearsal from 5-7 or 5-8 every night, and sometimes not even use all of that time for blocking (there is a LARGE children's chorus in the show so it takes time with them), and it's also strange to me that on Tuesday and Wednesday we will be doing this onstage as run-throughs COMBINED with first-tech (where I have to get up on a large DUCK that moves on a rotating stage, as well as a wooden horse...don't ask).
But even with those surprises for next week,
I'm feeling pretty good about this.

We have our orchestra dress on Wednesday and then a few days off before the performance. I will go home in between for 3 days and then come back for the show. (Hoping they don't throw any last minute rehearsals in there).

I'm in a contemplative mood lately...there are other things I'd like to share here, but can't yet, or ever, maybe.
I suppose this opera world is just too small and you 'never know' who is lurking here to be completely honest...not sure how I will deal with that in the near future, but I do like to write my thoughts down about everything. And I know that SOME of the things I say here are informative for other singers looking for advice or just wanting to know about my own experiences.
I think THIS experience in particular (that I would like to write about) is something that should not be missed by the future-singers and people in the business out there...but, it just can't be said here and now.

Until then, the thoughts are still all there, and I will try to recount them in as much detail at SOME point in my life.

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