07 September, 2011

treating myself

I'm currently in a 10 day rehearsal period for a Wiederaufnahme ... that's when a show has already been done by another cast in the previous year (OR TEN), and you get to be plugged into it super fast and then perform it a few times.

I got a great deal on my hotel, but unfortunately didn't look THAT hard at the tram SCHEDULE...assuming that in all German cities the trams will run until 10pm or 11pm or even midnight at about 10 minutes apart.
Well, NOT tram #14 or tram #2!
No, 14 runs until 10pm, but after 7, it only comes every 20 minutes.
And #2? Well that one stops completely at 7pm!

And then there's my rehearsal schedule.
Until 8pm each night.
Which means I either get home after 9:30 (if I wait for the #14 and then walk 5 blocks)...

OR--- I can do as I have done for the past 3 days and what I will do for the next few---take a cab.
It's 10 Euros each time in the evening.
I know, I know, not that big of a splurge compared to what I could be buying or splurging on (ie, a hotel in the center of the city that's bigger than a breadbox with GOOD wifi connection and not one that is lost every 5 minutes)...
But for me this is a splurge. A luxury. It saves me 45 of commuting in the dark and changing trams to buses with late night schedules. And for just 10 Euros...I get a free breakfast at the hotel, so I can consider it even.



Anonymous said...

Natürlich! You can have your cab and eat your free breakfast too!

me said...

it really was super worth it. :)