31 August, 2011

5 days, 5 pages

I have to memorize five typed out pages of dialogue in German by Monday evening at 5pm.

This isn't something I've been procrastinating about-- it has basically been an open-ended question that has yet to be replied to by email or phone for the past month since the theater was on vacation.
And now, finally, a reply.
I knew there would be SOME dialogue, but I had two versions, one super-cut, short and improvised, and one lengthy, lengthy and did I mention lengthy? version.
And so, I'll be spending all of my time in the next few days...attempting to smash this dialogue into my brain. Yes, it can be done and I've done it before on a bit of a smaller scale with the last minute Koenigin Eingspring plus extra dialogue a few months ago.
But now that I actually have the whole opera easily memorized in my head musically, I was SO looking forward to just a tad bit of a break before 'work' starts on Monday...
Can I just take one LITTLE moment to be a kid and say "but I don't waaaannnnaaaaa!" here?
Ok, there. That's over and done with.
Now that it's 11am and I've been online since 9am I think it's time to close the computer and begin some memorization work.

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