18 September, 2011

another opening another show...

NOT in philly, boston, or baltimo'...

But still. Woke up early this morning. Ate a bagel. Drank some OJ.
Warmed up in the dressing room. Got my hair and makeup did.
Went through ALL of my German dialogue and attempted to think about what kind of phrases I could say during the improvised 'heated discussions' that I must have onstage.
Speed-sing through Act I, and then it was time to begin.

I do have to say that I'm SUPER proud of myself for not messing up ONE thing in German! I mean, it really could NOT have gone any better improvisation-wise as well as memorization of NEW dialogue 5 days before opening-wise.

So- YAY for me!
Now I know that I can do crazy German opera on SHORT and REVISED notice.

I didn't make much use out of the 3.5 hour train ride home, but I will soon have to.
Upcoming MODERN-CRAZY opera must be learned WELL before the end of the year so that by that time I'm just 'practicing' for memory sake, and not banging out notes.

Next-Opera is already there.
Now to find some Fall Auditions in Europe!
Here's hoping I have time to fit SOMETHING in.


An Untidy Mind said...

Hi, where are you doing your Fest Contract? I am hoping to come over to Germany next summer/autumn to audition for fest contracts as i'm in my final year at music college in the UK. Your blog is really helpful in giving me an idea of what is required of you. x Helen

me said...

Hi Helen,
I'm not Festing in Germany. I do live here permanently, but so far have been doing guest contracts both in germany and internationally. Feel free to contact me through the blog and leave an email if you have any specific questions (I won't post the email address) :)