16 September, 2011

dress rehearsal...aka..."BO"

On Tuesday we had our piano tech, and wednesday was our orchestra dress for the show that opens on Sunday.
Umm, in the piano tech we pretty much had to tech the whole show, so we skipped the singing unless something was going on.
And in the orchestra dress we pretty much skipped all the dialogue or anything that wasn't musical, so stuff didn't really get 'tech'ed and there was no improvising German dialogue for some final practice for me.

Compared to final dress weeks in the US where the pressure is ON because it's the first time you're in the theater, the first time in costume, the first time in the new 'vocal space', the first time with orchestra, lights, etc...
Well, it was extremely more relaxed (to a surprising level on my part, since I'm used to tech rehearsals taking forever- like 6-11pm or later..until we FINISH), and on both occasions when we were called from 5-8pm, we finished at 6:55.


Because that's how they roll in Deutschland when they've already done the show, apparently. The stagehands and tech people know what they're doing and when, the orchestra has played it before, and so, only for the sake of the new people do we 'kind of' run through it to give us a chance to see how it MAY be.

At any rate, it is a pretty cool feeling knowing that I learned this piece and was staged into it in about 5 days. IMPROVISED GERMAN DIALOGUE INCLUDED.
Yea. I'm serious.
I get to IMPROVISE in German. A fight between 2 characters. 4 times. 4 different subjects each time. Thanks.

If I can do that, I can do ANYTHING!

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