10 September, 2011


Had dinner tonight with 6 musician friends..some of whom are fest here.
Even though all of our collective experiences are quite different, there are some things that never change- seemingly- no matter what level you are on.
Everyone wants to be one more level above what they are. We are all still fighting, doing our best to hopefully be noticed by that 'next level'.
No matter how big or small the house you are singing at, whether you are fest or guest, something hilarious or egregious is just waiting to surprise you around the corner.
And so, whatever our individual process is, we all have to find ways of dealing with everything. Some through laughter, many through sarcasm, for some people it motivates them to work even HARDER to get to that next place...
But most of all, we were all THANKFUL for currently having jobs in the arts in this economy.
Being rich in artistic experiences...not necessarily monthly netto pay...is what was keeping us all happy.

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