03 March, 2011

home sweet jet lag

The past 4 days went something like this:
Night after the last matinee (which was awesome, BTW): was already packed but was so excited to leave I didn't fall asleep until 4am.
Woke up at 8am the next day, left for the airport at 9:30am.
Flight #1- kind of slept.
Flight #2- didn't sleep at all (movies plus a LOT of turbulence).
Landing at home at 7am "home" time- meaning, I felt like 2am but it was the morning.
Proceeded to stay in bed most of the day. No unpacking, no eating until 10pm.
Next day: slept until 2pm.
That night: fell asleep watching a soccer game from 9-10:30pm then didn't sleep AT ALL from midnight to 6am...
6am (today) being the time I had to wake up to take a THREE and a half hour train to my audition.
Today. Yea, did I mention that no sleep part? And the WIDE AWAKE on the train part too?

I was fully expecting to doze off on the train and catch up, but no such luck.
Got to the audition city way early, had a tea at starbucks, checked in, warmed up for about 10 minutes, saw the accompanist for about 10 minutes (YAY YOU CAN PLAY ZERBINETTA!), and then- the audition.

There were three of us today. All Queens.
First singer started with Der hoelle rache. Then they asked for the first aria.
Second singer started with an Italian. Then they asked for Der hoelle rache.
I started with Zerbinetta (from So War). Then they asked for Der hoelle rache.

I felt super good about the Zerb. I felt normally good about the Queen. After hearing the first two girls who had voices on the larger/dramatic side, I was like, Ok, I'm just going to do what I always do and give them what I can give...
and that's accuracy, excitement, crispness, and always always IMMER the high F's and everything in "line".

Aaaand....that is what I did.
On the train back I almost missed my stop home because I fell asleep IMMEDIATELY for three straight hours including interruptions by cold blasts of air from the opening train doors at every stop.
Now I'm just OVERtired...want to go to bed, but just can't make myself actually get in it yet...

Lots to think about tonight...
But very glad to be home.

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