30 March, 2011


Hurray! The whole show has been blocked in the rehearsal room.
Double hurray because today I made ZERO mistakes in counting my crazy entrances and interjections for the entirety of Act II-- although Act III coming up tonight for review still have a few metered measures that could cause mayhem...so here's hoping it all just keeps going smoothly.
I'd say fingers crossed- except that I use them to count. All the time.

Umm, seriously, I have come home from rehearsal EVERY night to do 'homework' which is review counting. And as such, I have found that I am sleeping badly, my eyelid has been twitching since last night, and I'm generally on-edge...
Simply because I feel like I can't relax yet.

Interestingly enough, it has not been a 'review the blocking in my head before bed' kind of show...(which, usually, that's the ONLY thing I have to worry about...ie, the singing, the right notes, rhythms, pitches, etc are already there easily).
The notes are 'normal', it's just their insane placement - ie, come in on the 3.5 beat of an 11/8 measure, followed by an entrance at 1.5 of a 6/8 bar - that is making me double and triple check my score every night and every morning.

And if you think you can just 'hear it' in the music...um, yea, No.
There are no clues to your entrance and no clues to your melody line in its own 'special' meter (in contrast to the other 9 singers who have other stuff going on at the same time).

I have worked on contemporary music before and have honestly never been this challenged. Even with crazy-current-piece-that-i-love-and-one-day-want-to-sing which has CRAZY and I mean CRAZY note clusters that SEEM to make no sense and rhythms that are all over the place, arpeggios that change by one note or one minor or one sharp or some displacement... EVEN that piece is a piece of CAKE compared to this.

ONE WEEK and a few days until opening. And although my 'execution' of the role is accurate and correct right now, it would really be nice if I could take a deep breath and RELAX at some point before opening night.
That, or grow 17 more fingers on my hands so I can count better.


Kate said...

Is that timing for real? I'm in awe....

me said...

Oh yes, it is ALL too real....