26 February, 2011

one more!!

Last night's audience was the BEST so far!
So good that for MANY of our funny lines and funny trios and general funny moments, they laughed and clapped for SO long that we had to prolong our 'buttons' and freezes!
Such a fun show when the audience is so vocal :)

At first, I wasn't feeling it so much yesterday. It was gloomy and gray and I was just a bit 'bla' about the day...but then I pulled it together, got some spicy salmon sushi, ate some pineapple, got into makeup and then...it was showtime.

Again, as soon as I was ready for my 'dramatic' first entrance, I felt those feelings again...the feelings of doing something I absolutely LOVE. Of doing something that I'm absolutely privileged to do. And thankful to be able to do. And from then, it was smiles and laughter for the next three hours...followed by a late night dinner with some of the cast and chorus and a night that ended once again, energy-filled as usual (insomnia until 3am).

Tomorrow is our last show. One more for the win!

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