15 March, 2011

the tax man cometh

Submitted this morning to my accountant who will hopefully make some magic happen.

Deductions for artists, fyi:
Advertising & Promotions Anything for Promotion of Bus.
Total Miles Driven All Miles on your Vehicle
Business Miles Driven Business Miles on your Vehicle
Auto Expenses Gas, Maintenance, Insurance
Commissions and Fees
Subcontractors/Labor Any Labor You Paid Out
Equipment Purchases (List on Next Page)
Business Insurance
Business Interest Business Loans (incl. Auto)
Legal and Accounting
Office and Postage
Business Rent Rent for Office or Practice Space
Equipment Rental Includes Car Rentals and Equip.
Supplies Any small items needed for Bus.
Equipment Repairs
Travel Airfare, Lodging--Not Food or Auto
Meals and Entertainment In Town Business Meals with Others
Meals and Entertainment Out of Town All Meals on Bus. Travel
Days Out of Town (Meal Per Diem) List Locations and # of Days Sep.
Sales Tax Collected Only if you Charge Sales Tax
Bank Charges On Business Accounts
Dues and Subscriptions Memberships, Magazines, Etc.
Research and Development Books, Classes, Activities in Your Field
Cell Phone Only your Plan, Not Extra Minutes
Business Phone Extra Business Line--NOT 1st Home Line
Computer Software
Printing and Film Processing For Business Photos
Health Insurance Paid
Costumes and Props (Performers) Things for Stage Only
Personal Maintenance (Performers) Direct Costs for Performance Image
Retirement Account Contributions What Kind? Trad IRA, Roth, SEP, 401K?
Health Savings Account Contributions Must have High Deductible Health Ins.
Business Gifts Limited to $25 per person

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