08 March, 2011


Ok, Act I is totally memorized no mistakes on any fast rhythms or random interjections on the count of 15 eee and uh out of 18.
Act III is ALMOST the same with the exception of a few pages where the ensemble of 8 is basically one eighth note off (staggered, but we all have about the same melody or something similar), and if you miss a beat, you're now doubling someone instead of singing the right line.
Act II is my project for this evening.
Some crazy arpeggio type articulations interspersed to the counting of:
123/123/123/1234 at the speed of light, of which I'm pretty certain the conductor WON'T be breaking the beating down as much as I'd like, so I have to find the arc and hopefully hear where I fit into it.
And, go.

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