27 March, 2011

blog much?

Yes, I've been THAT busy.
In a good way.
The way that this show is being staged (in order, thank goodness) requires all of the 10 person cast to be there at pretty much all times. Even if you're not singing for 10 pages, you're still on stage doing something- whether that mirrors what is going on, or is your own wordless and note-less story to tell.
That means I've had two rehearsal blocks filled every day (either 10am-6pm or 2pm-10pm), and mostly my time spent NOT in rehearsal has been spent reviewing music and double, triple, quadruple checking that I know my 'counts', that is, the count that I come in on for my entrance, how many beats are in between that and my next interjection, and so on and so forth.

This show is not a vocally challenging sing at.all.
Yes, there is a high F, a bunch of Es, some awesome crazy coloratura and even a long sweeping arc of sustained high legato...but the main challenge is rhythm, and the fact that the meter is changing every other measure. And you can't really 'hear' it in the orchestra below you. So you just have to 'know' (ie, count).
I'm hoping that by opening night I will 'feel' some things more rather than have to move my fingers really fast against whatever part of the stage or part of my body they happen to be leaning.

Other than that, it's a piece of cake! The cast is very nice, we all take lunch breaks mostly together (including trying out the over 100 flavors of snow cones that are sold next door), and last night we had a post-rehearsal margarita chips 'n dip kind of evening to unwind.

Now is my day off- the next one will be ONE day before our sitz and into the final week of tech.

Um, less than two weeks til opening?
We've staged act I and II. Three will be done in the next two days. And then it's run-throughs.

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