14 March, 2011

one week

In one week I'll have my first musical rehearsal for the piece.
Wheee :)
Feeling good still, haven't even THOUGHT about packing.
What I HAVE been thinking about are my taxes (and ALMOST have all of the info. that I need to send my taxman). Here's the thing.
I consider myself an intelligent person.
And then I take it ALL back when I go on the irs.gov website.
WHAT kind of people are writing this stuff?
You say one thing CLEARLY and then the next paragraph takes it all back with exceptions.
What's THAT about?
I mean, even if I tried to do my OWN taxes (which I would never DARE since I'd most likely get audited in about five seconds), I couldn't figure this stuff out!
As a HUMAN and an INTELLECTUAL PERSON I actually WOULD really like to understand this stuff. For my own well-being and education.
But right now, I just don't want to deal with it.
I have tallied up all of my deductions.
I know how much I earned.
And hopefully somewhere between line 40a and 107c on all of the forms I have to fill out, I won't have to pay through the nose...even though I did have to pay a bunch last year.

I won't get all political and say where I'd LIKE my money to go to-- but the thing is, it's PROBABLY going to go toward the defense budget, and NOT toward paying the people who should be paid the MOST in this country- teachers.

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