01 December, 2009


Ok, so now my symptoms are just pretty much a cold (ie my face feels like it needs to be decongested), and still this lingering bronchial cough, but it doesn't really hurt to cough and I can pretty much control it.

What still hasn't gone away is the extreme weakness of my body. Yep, lying down for 10 days and barely eating will do that to you, I suppose.
I took a walk for 40 minutes today and by the end of it I was exhausted. Came home and had to lie down for an hour.
Then I tried to practice a bit (to my ears my voice sounds like I"m singing over a cold...but maybe my ears are still blocked a bit too)...nothing hurts, everything is "OK" although not as easy and smooth as I'd like it to be.
And after about 45 minutes of practicing, again, I felt like I needed another nap.

This recovery has been pretty rough. Had to delay an audition that I was supposed to have tomorrow--until next week. I only have 13 days left here. 13.

After that I have to be GAME ON for the big re-audition, and of course game on for upcoming shows/concert 1/2/3.

Hope I can start feeling game on instead of naptime on soon.

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NHB said...

I always find that my voice is a lot fresher and stronger after a rest. Perhaps this illness has been a blessing in disguise?