18 December, 2009

the morning after...

yesss...I went there with the title. Dealw/it.yo.

I feel GREAT today! The more I think about it, the more I'm like--yea..that kinda actually rocked...I mean...how many people can sing..what was it- over 40 high E's in the span of 5 minutes? And then also sing low Ds and sound good on the them? Take THAT yo!

So-in "secondary" review of the fact that so few people can actually DO this at ALL decently...I am giving myself an extra 3 percentage points of 'rocking'.

Which...if I had to say that I've done this 100% in practice and coaching, at at the audition I was like a 92---I'm bumped up to 95!
I love my crazy logic sometimes.

But no--I'm feeling good about it no matter what the outcome.

What did I do today? Bought out target again (things to take back to Deutschland that are not 'easily' or 'cheaply' found), and- the biggest challenge--
wrap up a full sized keyboard in clothes and soft body pillows, fit it into a long garment bag, tape that thing UP, and...voila- 2nd checked bag under 50 pounds and now I can practice PROPERLY and not just using my pitch pipe in Dland.


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