16 December, 2009

one day more...

Of avoiding 'the sick'.
Lesson on Monday- awesome.
Coaching yesterday- confirmed that it's all still there.
I had an amusing morning yesterday, as I walked into a bridal shop in NY to try on...gulp...wedding dresses.
Yea..I knew that would be a big mistake, as I'm particular about what I want, and saw nothing that I liked.

But I still wanted to have that 'experience'. Of the lady picking out some things and then fitting them on you..and telling you that she liked something that you thought was so atrocious it was a joke.

Aaanyway, listening to the conversations around me was Hi-larious.
There was a bride and a mother-of-the-bride trying on some dresses for the mom. One of them was a salmon-pink-ish really tight mermaid dress with TONS of organza poofiness at the bottom that made her look like she should be one of the chiquita banana dancers, or at least like she was going to a tacky miami or vegas wedding- AS A JOKE costume!
But no, the daughter was like- that looks good on you. And the saleslady was like- this is the first dress that you've put on that I can see you feel comfortable in.
O.M.G....PLEASE don't wear that as a MOB dress? Thanks.
So then she was trying on this TIGHT black/brown dress w/nude underlay laciness that looked like she SHOULD wear it to a cocktail party IF she was 25. I mean, she looked good- but hello- not wedding appropriate.
I'm not kidding- I think they went with that one.
And it was poofy at the bottom too.

So. I'm back to square negative one again..seeing as how I have no motivation for any planning of any part of the upcoming events of 2010.


In musical news, The 2010-2011 season is shaping up nicely SO far. I mean, being semi-busy until March or April of 2011. Of course, there's always room to be busy-ER, but it's nice to know where I'll be starting this January and ending next April. SO FAR.

Audition tomorrow--feeling good. Want to spend about 30 minutes warming up today..maybe an hour.
Tomorrow- get hair 'did' in the noon, (no, this does not mean concert styling, I just need a haircut..but I like the way they blow dry it!), then probably a light warm up, and head to the audition a little before 6.

I don't THINK I'm nervous...I REALLY like this music. And I know that I do it well. So what else is there to THINK or BE nervous about? Right? right.

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