03 December, 2009

catch up

Ok, day 3 of taking a one hour 'energetic' walk....yesterday I didn't feel like immediately falling into bed after the walk--that's some improvement after day 1.
About to go out again and brave the cold weather.
But it's really the only thing I can do to get outside and do any kind of moving around since I'm still feeling ... well, I'm FEELING a lot better, but my body hasn't caught up yet.

Singing- yea, I also went from 40 minutes to about an hour. Felt really tired after ward, and also had the feeling that my face was stuffy and I was still kind of 'singing through a cold'- even though I don't have a cold.
So again, I just have to slowly get used to it, I suppose.
But at least all the high notes and low notes that need to be there--are still there.

Thank goodness. Welcome back g, baby. I was beginning to miss you.

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