14 December, 2009

the big apple...view from the window

Ok, I'm being careful again.
I slept for 7 of the 9 hours of my flight here ( mostly because my tv/movie screen wasn't working so there wasn't much else to do).
I arrived in a downpour of rain, went immediately to the apt., took off the wet jeans and socks, put on my PJs and stayed under a blanket for the rest of the evening.
This morning- 1 hour of practice, lunch with friends (only 5 blocks away, I promise!), and now, back in the apt. before my voice lesson in 2 hrs.
Evening plans- nada.
Feeling good--KNOCK ON WOOD--and that is the update.
Warming up today- audition pieces felt good. Sang through upcoming opera1 (previous known as upcoming opera2)--seems like some more Frenchiness may be sticking in my head..that's a lovely thing.

And that's the view from inside.

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