10 December, 2009

T minus one week

In exactly 7 days and two hours, I'll be singing the audition that I was supposed to sing when I got sick last time.
Yea, it's big and important and all that, but what is MORE important is that I like the music and I know that I do it well.
In the meantime,
I have one more performance of Queen in 2 days (which is weird, because it's been a WHILE now, but I still don't really feel pressured. I've done it before, and I'll do it again), an early morning flight in three days, a mid-morning lesson in four days, coachings in 5 and 6 days, and audition--as I mentioned, in 7 days.

There has been some hullabuloo of other sorts recently--upcoming opera1 is now upcoming opera3 due to financial reasons. The rescheduling and confusion has led to a flurry of ticket rebooking and new purchases, which sadly, are exhorbitantly priced due to the holiday season.

So NEWupcomingopera1 is what I'm turning my focus to now--
I like the music, but there are three strophic 'ariettas' that I'm not BFF with ... yet.
They are slow, low-ish, wordy, and generally, I love the ensembles more than my actual solo parts. But maybe in the next month my mind will change as I practice more and make them my friends.

Also I just got a google alert about my name (yes, I do that) and UpcomingConcert, and SHEESH! It's kinda famous! Like, I already knew I would be working with a big time conductor, but it's going to be broadcast on like 250 radio stations and replayed and replayed...bottom line being--GAHHHHHIIIIIII better not screw up!

No. I have looked at the music. And while it's not a lot of singing for me, it's a crazy sing.
Fast and crazy.
Not weird and atonal crazy. Just bordering that.
So- I LIKE it.
And I shall learn it and BRING it.

In the meantime, as I write that I have to spend more time with the Frenchies and the crazies, what have I been doing from 7pm-11pm?
You betcha! Watching online TV.
I mean, I NEEDED to watch Glee. I didn't REALLY need to watch 2 episodes of madmen, but it was there. And then obviously Dexter. Half the time I get kicked off the websites any way because of bandwitdth or the fact that I'm watching an illegally downloaded/recorded-from-tv show through some japanese 'youtube'-esque website...
So a 40 minute show takes about an hour to watch.

But I'm finished now.
Maybe I'll type out some words to the French.
Yea, that will make me feel like I did something.
Or WRITE them out. Better yet. The eye-hand-memory connection.

Scientists- I'm still waiting for that new shot you'll come up with to 'administer' memory via osmosis so that I can look at a piece once, store the info. like in a zip drive, and then just 'plug' something back in and have it sitting there perfectly ready, as if it were in my desktop the whole time!

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