17 December, 2009

The run down

Is it even healthy to write about my impressions and what happened so soon after? Yes, my audition was a 6:15. It's now 8:26 and I'm already on the train to my next destination.
So- what's it like to audition for something so so so important and that I want so much?
I won't lie. I got a BIT nervous. In a 'is this really happening' kind of way...
So. I show up 30 minute early, get shown to a warm up room. I'm already warmed up so I chatted a bit with my manager, met an online blogger who happened to be passing through covering (fun!) and kind of did little bits of my 4 excerpts for a few minutes.
Half a ricola and a few swigs of water later, we are walking to the room.
I was first, and they were only hearing 2 singers. I announced myself, the excerpts, and then...go time.
First piece- the one I've known since 2005-- nicely done. High notes, some dramatics, but basically I just wanted to start off with a bang and a lot of good high notes.
During the piece I started feeling the 'whoa this is big' thing, so I took an extra second or two before piec number two which is the hardest slowest highest and most sustained piece. This one was not as good as the best time I've sung it in rehearsal because of nerves. So yes the high was there and I did it right but SOME notes had more vibrato than I would have liked and therefore may have sounded a tiny bit at the lower resonance of pitch instead of right on. Regained myself for third piece which rocked out and was dramatic followed by fourth piece which I nailed, was dramatic on, and hit the last cadenza with one unplanned breath but otherwise awesomeness.
Sooo. I felt kind of in a daze afterwards. I mean, I did it, right? What I've been planning for since I got the call the first time, got sick, and then had to reschedule to today. It's done. I am proud of my work. I am happy with the singing. I can only hope the panel was impressed enough to want to hear more for the people that are 'final say' in charge.

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