24 December, 2009

Merrrrrrry Chinese Takeout Night!

Oh to be back in nyc--where the takeout flows like the streams of urine in the subways...and where not every.single.store is closed for the next 3.5 days.

I was going to go shopping today--and then I only woke up at 2pm and had 'things' to do--such as, check the internetzzz for mail for a long time, and...what was that other thing I did before wasting this entire day? Oh yea, nothing. I love jet-lag.

So-- we have cheese. Three different kinds. We have one piece of bread. But we can BAKE bread- take THAT!
We have activia...because I like the flavor NOT because I need to regulate my probiotic intake!
We have some frozen salmon and some frozen chicken. We have apples and clementines. And most importantly, we have SOUR PATCH KIDS and CHOCOLATE.

That is really all that is needed for three days of movie-watching which will commence shortly after I press "post".

I'm still not in the mood to recount my full travel ordeals from this past weekend through Tuesday night..but just another tidbit-

While carrying the garment bag which was filled with a full sized keyboard wrapped in all of my yoga pants, pjs, a body pillow and a blanket, the strap broke before my last train transfer.
In my OTHER hand I was pushing a full sized suitcase that weight 48 pounds. Yep- two under the limit, ye almighty handlers of baggage who rain down torment and lightning upon all of my amazing packing efforts!

More when I feel like it.

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