16 February, 2011

orchestra dress, student dress

Three more times and then it's 'go time'.
Except, that it's also go time this thursday morning at TEN a.m. because we are doing our last dress rehearsal as a student invited rehearsal.
I know, I know, it's rehearsal. But who is NOT going to sing out when there are one thousand high school and middle school kids in the audience?
I'm certainly going to treat it as a performance EVEN though my wig and makeup call is EIGHT THIRTY A.M.!!

Yesterday after our piano dress I was STARVING. I guess singing this role especially takes it out of me, and since I sweat so much onstage I decided it would be ok to treat myself to an ENTIRE order of Mongolian Chicken to-go from PF Chang's.
Yes, the entire thing. Broccoli added, brown rice, and two fortune cookies.

It was delicious.

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