24 February, 2011

halfway there

Second show went really well. It felt SO much more relaxed than the first one.
My heart always beats just a bit faster right before my first entrance, but it is immediately calmed by the laughter of the actual physical entrance, and then- we were off.
Two more shows left...today was a snowday. Wanted to get out and about the city- this usually happens in my last few days of a gig...after working so hard and having no time when I finally have a day off in between shows I actually have time to travel and sight-see a bit. But those plans were thwarted by the icy rain and then snow which continues to fall this evening.

Ah well.

March will be devoted to taxes (I already have the major list of deductions, etc- just waiting to receive all of the forms in the mail from previous-gigs), making sure I know next-opera...22 days away...aaaand preparing for a competition that I'll be doing in May. It's "kind of a big deal" according to some.
I don't know whether that means it is at all political or not (as, frankly, most of them end up being)...but hey, I'll give it a shot.

I have to brush up some lieder, a few arias that aren't in my 'normal' every day package, and an oratorio or two, but it should go smoothly.

Other than that, will try to get back into Bikram which I've been away from for WAY too long at this point (umm, can we say July?!?!) Yea---but hey! I really haven't been home for THAT long..since then! So don't judge.

The whole healthy-food eating kick was a no-go in this month of bbq, hotel free breakfasts and general stress which led to late-night eating of sour patch kids and chocolate from opening night...yeaaa...

Ok, now I'm just babbling. There are a few other odds and ends that I've been thinking about, but that is all for tonight.

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