13 February, 2011

t minus 6 days

Ok, people I'm not going to lie...this has been a challenging rehearsal period.
Not because of the singing, not because of the acting, not because of the schedule.
I personally feel completely prepared with what is going on vocally and dramatically...

This time, it's time. The director was a few days late to the production (4.5) because of another engagement and a snowstorm. So, the asst. director kind of plugged us in to where we were supposed to be. When the Dir. arrived, that didn't fly. So it's kind of like losing an entire week of blocking, and re-staging the show in the second week, when we should already be RUNNING scenes smoothly. And so we had NO seamless rehearsals (ie, no rehearsals without stopping and starting and re-blocking) until- FINAL ROOM RUN. Yea- so we all kind of just put that together however we could..and it was 'fine', but in my opinion it was by no means fine for stage.
And now, we are in tech rehearsals and we're half a day late on teching the show- which means, we will NOT tech act II. Umm, ok? We just have to wing it-- no spikes, no entrance timing, no prop timing...just do the show at the piano DRESS rehearsal tonight.

Normally, I'd be ok with this, because I always know what my motivation is, when I need to be somewhere, and I rehearse these moves and beats in my head nightly.
Here's the thing. This show is NOT just dependent on me vocally and dramatically, I cannot do my job unless my chorus of men is around me, interacting with me, and playing along. But because we have had so little rehearsal and everything has been changed and re-staged and re-spaced...the guys are kind of milling about trying to get to their mark.
It's really frustrating to be in a big aria (or 4), and realize there is literally NO ONE downstage of me to sing to. They are all behind me, way upstage..which leaves me the choice of 'acting' the aria out to the audience (totally doesn't make sense) or changing my own blocking and doing everything super far upstage, and even singing upstage at some points (both not a good idea when singing this role with orchestra)...

The most frustrating this is that it's absolutely NOT their fault. There was simply NO time to get them to a comfortable place where they knew where to hit their mark AND they could still interact with me but get to the spot at the right time.
We have 5 more tries until opening. I am really really hoping that everything gets a little more comfortable and I don't have to feel like I'm being hung out to dry out there...
This situation also makes me overcompensate for the lack of energy onstage...and so basically I'm running myself ragged doing extra moves to motivate my blocking, when really I should be making sure I have enough saved for the pacing of the show (in which I'm already careening down raked slopes, doing cartwheels, basket catches, high jumps, and any other gymnastic feat that can be imagined).

Here's to taking a BIG cleansing breath and hoping it all starts to gel in the next few days.

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