02 February, 2011


A few things.

A. We had so much snow yesterday that after driving into rehearsal at 10am and avoiding a few inches on the ground, we had to cancel by 1pm, and retreat to our hotel. We proceeded to have dialogue rehearsal for another 3 hours in a meeting room. Small spaces plus crazy energetic singers equals... a lot of laughs.

B. Rehearsals were canceled today (ie, they gave us a day off instead of our upcoming day off) because of snow, but it's sunny and beautiful outside--and cars still can't really drive. So I'm stuck in the hotel for my day off unless I attempt to go to a local coffee shop for a change of scene.

C. I busted my finger (or rather, the tenor's shoe landed on my finger) while doing a fake-faint/fall back onto him on stage. It hurts but not so much that it's broken..I hope. Unless I have a super high tolerance for pain. I put ice on it. It's a little purple and swollen today. But the most annoying thing is that it hurts to type on my computer with my left ring finger! I think I'll survive.

D. Next year opera season is officially announced at future-house, and I've been able to update my website. REALLY excited about these ones...in this house.

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Leann said...

Wowie wow! Congratulations!! :D