11 February, 2007

yes, I just got out of bed

It's almost 5pm.
I did wake up early (ish), but I have not been able to get out of bed all day from sheer exhaustion.

That's a good thing I think. Maybe by tomorrow's beginning of crazy weekly schedule I'll feel rested enough and not just riding on the tail end of this nasty bug I've had for 2 weeks.

Opening night. So much energy. Really great time. I think this opera will catch on.

Pre-opening night audition- Sang Durch and O luce. I think I did really well but the panel was sucking the air out of the room, frankly. When they were debating about the 2nd piece Lakme crossed the lips of two, but then the other 2 wanted O luce. Too bad, because I really haven't been feeling O luce.
Reason they picked it: So they could hear me do the recit well.
What I did well: The aria, not really the recit. The recit for me is NOT the important part of this aria. Some people make it so much about the bella voce italianate drawn out thing. But it's NOT lucia, it's O LuCE! So get over it. I can sing the recit. how I feel it- like a teenage girl freaked out about her bf not showing up for their date after she snuck out of the house.

Aaaanyway, I sang the high G at the end, and apparently the comment to the next singer who walked in the door was something like "is she bleeding"...

I know I sang and acted it well, but I think o luce is one of those pieces...that people are "testing" you on something, and if they don't get it, they may not be satisfied.

I did act the shit out of everything though.

What is it with un-smiley panels lately? I mean, why are you THERE? If you didn't want to hear us, then why agree to come hear us?
Even if this isn't the most enjoyable performance of your life, would it kill you to smile a bit or to at least follow what we're doing in the room without playing with your blackberry?
Crazy. Annoying. Can't control it.

NONE of these people are going to hire us all on the spot. It's just not going to happen. So in the meantime, we get that you're doing us a huge favor by listening to us. Now howbout not look so unhappy about it?

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