23 February, 2007

more zerbie

We had an hour coaching on the quintets before and after the aria today which went very well.

As I just posted on COT regarding the state of conservatory training in the US, I have to say that even though I'm well past that level of schooling, current-Yap is putting together a similar performance that disappoints me personally and musically.

We have to get it together by next Friday. We have had so far ONE day of staging, ONE full run-through of the scenes, and ONE coaching on it.

In the next four days we will have about an hour on music per day and an hour and a half to two hours of staging per day. Yes, it will be thrown up there, and it will be more high quality than any school production with bad languges, bad staging, and ill-prepared singers...we are after all YAP members who can get their crap together, have this opera learned cold and pull it off---but my artistic side will not be satisfied by this hurried manner of throwing something out there and not even getting to the stage of over-preparedness for the performance. A feeling which usually I really like to have when going into a performance.

So I'll be nervous not because it's a performance...but because it's a performance of something that I haven't had time to prove to myself that I can sing blindfolded, walking a tightrope, chewing gum, and doing my 2006 taxes at the same time.

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