07 February, 2007

proving it

Had a great coaching yesterday on Act I. Finally felt like I "proved" myself to this coach who previously had constructive and not-so-constructive criticism. But I think it's now going to be great. I was really into it though, too. I mean, acting in my coaching, but not acting just to act- acting because the music and text actually made me feel it. It felt really really good. And now of course since I wasn't 100% better, I'm not feeling really really good.

I suppose I'll have to revert to the theraflu and oj, but I still have this lingering cough and congestion all over that just makes it harder to phonate sometimes.

TWO days to get well!

In other ivy-league-school-news, I sent an email saying that I cannot be released for the live audition, and they came back with two other dates before then for me to sing on. Well- they ARE both impossible..but ONE of them isn't- ONLY if I get into the finals of a competition that I'm being released for the week before. Ok, I know that made no sense,but in my head it did.

Here is the deal. I think that they are trying to get me out there no matter what because of teacher-that-wants-to-work-with-me, but my problem is...I don't feel like I can be the one to say "this isn't going to work out this year with my current schedule and with next year's schedule". But who is to say that "next year's schedule" will have ANYTHING on it besides ONE show through Sept.30th? And THAT show would be the reason that I can't go to this school (obviously) because the semester begins earlier.

But WOULD I want to go to this school? Ahhh.. It's a really not good situation.
I don't know if they would say "we can't let you in without a live audition" to me, or if I should say "this isn't going to work for me this year" and just drop it at that or say that I am trying to make other plans to go to Europe or something.

Still it would be SO nice to have a safety- something that I could count on for next year---even if it is school.

There is so much involved.

In other not fun non-release-from-work news, the big audition for big-german-opera-company-and-scholarship that I'm trying to be released for in March may not happen. It's the day of the "meet the artists" in the cast for my upcoming show, but ALSO they day for MY CAST to run it musically. The thing is, my cast is all resident artists-- I mean, could we not do this on any other day? Well, that's what our stage manager/scheduler suggested in an email to the higher powers, but if those higher powers say no, I'm in a crappy crappy situation.
The application is due this week and it costs forty bucks to send!!!

I hope someone emails me back about the final word soon.

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