10 February, 2007

audition,show,audition, show...etc

Wireless works, I'm back in current-yap-state, and over the past 24 hours I have gotten very little sleep, flown very many hours, warmed up outside, in a hotel room with the blowdryer on to muffle the sound, and into a pillow.

The update:
Thursday's singing for formerly-important-person who ran a very-important-YAP and also the director of equal-footing-YAP to where I am now. I sang durch and they asked for 2nd verse of doll (after being a bit over the top about how much they didn't want to hear glitter. I get it people. If you hate the aria don't choose it- that's why I give you six on the list. sheesh!). So. I was tired and not well warmed up and my throat was still hurting from all of that amazing coughing I've been doing for 2 weeks.
BUT. I sang "well". Nothing was out of pitch. They weren't looking at me so I didn't have to "act" much (love that- when the blackberry is more important than you are)...

Whatever. These people are in no position to hire me anytime soon or even ever.

I slept for an hour, woke up at 4am, got on a plane to NYC, landed, slept a bit in the hotel, showered, warmed up and then sang for the NYIOPs. I know, I know...there is so much bashing on nfcs of these things. The money, the lack of higher level houses, whatever...
It was my first time singing for them, and they're casting an Abduction and an Ariadne. And those are the two pieces of mine that I ended up singing!!!!

I paid, I was unmanaged, I sang really well, I DON"T absolutely HATE DiCapo. If anything, it's just dry in there. Acoustics never really bug me.

I got good feedback from agent/friend 1 and 2 who were there to a. hear me for the first time after kinda kinda talking, and b. hear me again with an almost always open offer for representation if I wanted to get started that way.

So. Good things. I will be in touch with the houses, write thank you notes (probably emails) and not expect to hear anything..but still- I'm really glad I went.

Also- got a haircut in NY (yay layers), and thinking about cutting it all that short (to the shortest layer) after the show here (maybe next time I'm in NY- in a week and a half).

Also- got to see my special someone. He took a day off to meet me in NY, and is at the moment flying to California for a vascular cell biology retreat...or something like that for researchers---basically they get to look at each others' posters and also play beach volleyball all week.

(Oh yes, it's not over yet)
It's 1:43 right now. Rest until 2:30. Warm up.
3:50- leave for the theater with my audition clothes.
5- audition!!! For 2 more agents and one OC (opera company)
7:30- CURTAIN for opening night.

Crazy. Tired.
This life rocks.

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