05 February, 2007

still sniffling

I've had just about enough of this. But the cold nasty part is over. Now are the lovely remnants of what is traveling down my throat.

I'm attempting to get ready for my auditions this Friday.

On the table for my six:
Durch, Zerb, Queen, Doll, Lakme and Norina.

No English. That's ok- they all know I speak English, and THEY'RE not American anyway.

I'm adding queen this time because it's supposedly the most requested aria in Germany IF you have it on your list.
Ok then. I do.

I'm going to start with Durch because I love it, and then we'll see.

What would I sub in and out if I'm just not feeling it? Glitter I suppose.

In other need-to-send-application-out news,
Getting another German-place audition ready. I hope I can be released for the audition.

Oh yes, and I just emailed school-from-last-year regarding the impossibility of my making their audition dates due to our scenes performances here.
I know it will make them mad and it's just not cool, but there is no way I can spend 500 MORE dollars doing another same-day turnaround flight to sing on a Sunday (if they'll even hear me then...or on a day off or something). I asked to be considered by my audition last year and my tape last year.
If teacher-who-liked-me-and-wanted-me-at-the-program gets upset it really just isn't my fault.
I mean, what happened last year was their mistake, and I'm just caught in the middle of having this 'great offer' (for school, though)....and not even being able to be considered for it because I'm having this 'great career'...hahahahah.

I also emailed homeland-opera regarding auditioning for them in May- and I have chosen a date at random (well, and considering any other competitions that are in town then), to say that I'll travel to homeland and audition there!
Hope they haven't cast their seasons by then, but then again, it's a different world out there.

Oh what fun it is to play the will-I-have-a-gig-in-2008 game.

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