02 February, 2007


I broke down and finally bought cold meds today after feeling worse this morning.
Usually this doesn't happen. I just drink tons of water and juice and eat soup and all is well.
But it's now day 6 and this cough has traveled far enough into my chest to do something about it.

so: 6pm- robitussin dm, go to rehearsal. Have a Cold-Eze sucker and then some Halls pectin suckers the whole time.
9:30pm- one of the cast members gave me a super duper cold fighter that's #1 in canada called ColdFx. It's ginseng (not the asian kind) and I'm supposed to take it like a Zpack- 3 a day 3 times a day, 2 a day and then 1 a day for 3 days.
We'll see if it works.

And now I'm working on some theraflu before bed (which will be a Vicks Vaporrub party all over my PJs).

WebMD says that for all of my symptoms (which included a fever tonight- yuck!), theraflu is supposed to hit all of them...but it has so much acetamenophin in it! 650mg! Isn't one tablet 50? That's all I usually take.

Weird. Well I'm drinking it anyway.
Tomorrow we move into the theater.
So I'll be cold(er) and far(ther) away from tea, water, and my BED for the next week until opening.


Gregory said...

Do what you have to do to take care of you, K lady?

coloratur...aaah said...

thanks gp! I'm feeling a bit better today after that over the counter medicine overdose from last night!