19 February, 2007


NOT that I'll be doing this all night, but there is a 24 hour marathon of Law and Order on TNT.

I'm in another state right now, but tomorrow I'll be back "home", and well on my way (by 1pm) to rehearsing for the upcoming Ariadne.

Today: Sang really well. Made an executive decision not to start with what I was going to start with...

You know, sometimes you have the luck of seeing the list of singers that day, knowing that two of them sing the exact same repertoire you do (really really well!) except for ONE note (mine being one higher), and figuring that you have a better chance of getting called back if you sing something like Queen rather than competing on the cute/coloratura front.

And that's precisely what happened today.

Queen is no stretch for me on any day. It's just a "people's choice" kind of aria for me. Some like it in a silvery clean sound. Some want that warm honkin' thing, and some want a steely cold sound.

So that's what I sang--followed by ---good ole 2nd verse of doll (always...always..and thank goodness I love it so!)

Back to the music.

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