06 August, 2011

SIS summer progress

Had a lovely mini-vaycay before my REAL vaycay coming up in 2 weeks.
Which meant that yes, even though I brought the words that I need to memorize, I was really walking around a beautiful German city, getting a full spa treatment, having lovely meals in the park and lovely meals inside while the rain poured outside, and generally relaxing instead of memorizing.
HOWEVER- I DID memorize on the train ride home tonight.
Which means that for upcoming-opera1 I am ALLLMOST all memorized besides the FINALE and some dialogue.
Upcoming-opera2 is all there in my head word-wise. It's right. Because of the 'trio' aspect of it, I need to keep practicing it for memory sake and for accuracy so that when the other two actually join me I won't be messing up.
Upcoming-opera3 has been listened to once. But I really do have PLENTY of time for that.
I think.

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