26 August, 2011


You know you've had an amazing vacation when the text you printed out and the photocopies of those few pages of dialogue and music that you wanted to study on the plane, in the car rides, and at the beach go completely unopened.

Had to give up one audition which was a bit disappointing due to last minute scheduling, a complete lack of pianists who could play my rep, one who wanted to charge me 75 dollars plus a rehearsal, and the last minute planning of it all while everyone was on vacation (last 2 weeks of August). Really annoying that I was THERE and couldn't do it...but hopefully next time. Was not about to pay a competition entrance fee to someone who couldn't guarantee me a great Zerbinetta or anything else for that matter.

ONE more week of rehearsing in my head, on my walks, and in my kitchen.
And then I'm off to the races again.

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