13 August, 2011


Thanks to two awesome friends, I now have digs in upcoming-opera-2 city.
That's one less thing to think about.
It's not walking distance as I had hoped, but, since it will be the beginning of winter in a very 'windy' city, I think that I probably won't want to walk that much anyway.

This week we're going on vacation which will be more of a huge extended family and in-law visit (that's what happens when your vacation destination also happens to be the place you grew up that has beautiful beaches, amazing food, and great people all around).

I can't wait for sunshine and very very very hot weather compared to what we have here everyday for the past 3 months.

It's crazy to think that VERY soon after we get back I will be back in 'work' mode. But truthfully, I think I get so much more done when I am more busy.
When I have a schedule, and I ONLY have one hour to learn the music for the next opera, or to practice this or that, or to get in some walking/biking time, it gets done.
When I have the entire DAY to do all of those things...well...let's just say I do a lot less. And a lot more time is spent on the interwebs.

Like today.

But I will stop that now. It's almost noon and time for breakfast! Then to clean the apartment, plan dinner for our guests visiting tonight, make the guest bed up, did I mention clean the apartment? And hopefully be practicing or 'thinking' of my words during that entire time. Oh yea, and getting some physical activity of some sort in as well.

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