07 August, 2011

opera dream catcher?

Last night I had a dream that went somewhat like this (from the bits I can remember):

I was hired to sing a leading soprano role. I think it was Lucia.
It was a last minute hire, to make the single cast a double cast. Everything else was single cast.
I came prepared having already sung the role.
Only to find out some of it was in English.
And in the first entrance there was an 'additional' aria that was in English that was sung to the tune of Che gelida manina. And then there was another inserted aria in Italian (Caro nome) at some point.
I knew the director, but he was doing a different production than the one we had done together (Lucia a number of years ago). In ADDITION to which the other Lucia (a singer I DO know in real life), had already rehearsed for two weeks, but every time she did it and then I went up to get my turn and did what SHE did, the director changed what I was doing.
And he said that she was doing it right and I was doing it wrong.
Over, and over, and over again.

And then EVERY time I opened my mouth to sing Lucia in Italian, something in German came out (right music, wrong language). And EVERY time I was supposed to do the 'translated insert aria' Che gelida, I sang in Italian instead of English even though I had written the English on a 'prop' that I could use.
And I never got to even GET to the Caro nome because the director kept stopping me and changing my blocking.

Any dream interpreters want to tackle THAT one?

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