23 May, 2011


A volcano has just erupted in Iceland again, but so far that has not put a wrench in any of my upcoming travel plans.
These next two and a half weeks are BUSY.
Trains, planes, automobiles.
I do have to say that I'm getting more and more annoyed with air travel recently.
You just CAN NOT find a deal anymore-- on a flight. Anytime. Anywhere.
Maybe if you're flying in the US and you get those last minute weekend deals to vacation destinations like Miami or Las Vegas, yes..but if you have to go somewhere for business/audition purposes...forget it.

I consider myself QUITE web-savvy, and this time around I was having so much trouble.
Well, I did have specific time and day limitations, and I was JUST about to throw in the towel and pay 230 euros for an eight hour TRAIN ride, when I found (for 60 Euros more) a flight.

Ugh. And again...ugh.
Yes, yes, I can afford it. But it just hurts my SOUL that tickets are this expensive for a one hour flight that SHOULD be direct on the hour every hour, but somehow...is not.

And the funny thing is, the flight is at 4:15, I arrive an hour and a few minutes later, have to take ANOTHER train to get to the city center and then find my hotel, and with arriving at the airport early-- it's about 5.5 hours of travel-- almost the same as that 8 hour train I could have taken with no stops, one seat, no take-off and landing (the parts I hate), no snippy airline staff, lines, paying for food...etc.etc.
Whatever. I've made my decision..now let's just hope the cloud of volcanic ash doesn't drift over here in 2 days.

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