17 May, 2011


So remember that time when I moved my butt for five days in a row?
Suddenly a magical thing called the WEEKEND happened, and I was having none of it.
On Saturday nigh we watched the Eurovision contest finals and I basically cringed and yelled at the screen the entire time (except when ITALY was singing their awesome jazz song). Yes, I ate cookies and potato chips. But also lots of veggies and a LITTLE bit of dip!
Sunday I went to the opera to see a colleague perform...and then ate the largest plate of MEAT served over FRIES with a side of kraut salad. (It was called a doener plate, but I wasn't really expecting it to be an actual plate of spiced shaved lamb meat...it was amaaazing).

Yesterday I rode my bike to the city and back ! Does that count? It's not the usual 50 minutes, but it was about...35...
And Today I rode through the city at a leisurely pace for about 40 minutes as well.
It wasn't my INTENTION to actually get on my bike and ride for fitness, but I ended up doing it anyway since I had to be out and about.

Thing is, I've been kind of exhausted for the past 4-5 days.
I hope it's not my thyroid acting up again (which it very well could be, which means I should get a blood test done and see whether I need to up my meds).
It got colder again, so yes, that's once reason to want to stay in bed all day...
but actually, it's HARD for me to get out of bed again and I always feel tired, cold, and want to just get in bed.
Right NOW as I write this, I'm in bed, it's 2pm, the keyboard is on the bed and so is my Ariadne score...and I have done about 25 minutes worth of banging out some notes and rhythms in the "Opera" act....and I feel like I could fall back asleep (um, yea, I also only got out of bed at noon...well, I was UP and ABOUT (dentist appt) from 7am-9am, then back in BED from 10-12ish...
So, yea, I'm thinking I should check the thyroid thing.


Naptime maybe?

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