04 May, 2011

learning other things while rehearsing

Usually I have very little 'extra concentration cells' left in my brain to be thinking about other upcoming roles, but, seeing as how this is Queen (again), and although the dialogue is new, the rest of the show obviously isn't, I HAVE had one practice room session (one hour) where I banged out some of the first act of Zerbie.
The 2nd act is memorized and already performed. Except for like 3 lines of 'recit-y' stuff before the first quintet begins, and that final line of the entire opera.

I was working on the 'recit-y' stuff in the first act and it's going surprisingly well and getting into my head FAST.
Is this going to be one of those things that I learn through magical memory fairies?
Well, I can say for sure that the ARIA (when I learned it as a young'n) was NOT. I banged out those notes EVERY.DAY.
Rehearsed the coloratura, made sure it was pitch perfect every time, and now, it's like a walk in the park.

What I don't really get is this big 'change' from the first act duet/aria to the 2nd act's 'antics'.
The talk-y stuff, fine..Zerb has that a lot, and you just have to make sure you are saying it on the right beat but that it ALSO has textual meaning...textual...hahaha...moving on.

But the Ein Augenblick stuff...it just doesn't FIT her, or does it?
Is THAT the real her? Or is it the coquette?
Or is it that every woman has MANY emotions and parts that at times can define her and at time can leave her suitors speechless?

At any rate, I'm not there yet- at the same place where the aria is for me, where I 'get' it, and every and all parts of it I can embody.
Where I am right NOW is the counting and trying to figure out whether I should think of it in 6 first or whether that will trip me up later on when I have to 'release' it into 2 or 3.

In addition to which I also have to learn Najade at the same time...Why do those first 2 pages have to be in such a horrible key on the piano? Not to mention the Ein Gotttttt part when Bacchus is arriving-- I HATE when the entire key signature is sharps!
REALLY? I mean, REALLY? I'm sure it would sound JUST as SUPER cool if we moved UP a half step or DOWN a half step and everything was 'normal' again...
plus, then I could accompany myself and make sure I'm singing the right notes!


grahamophone said...

Auf dem Theater spiele ich die Coquette. Wer sagt, dass mein Herz dabei im Spiele ist? Ich scheine munter, und bin doch traurig. Gelte für gesellig, und bin doch so einsam.
Favorite. Line. Of. Entire. Opera.
Well, that and the one after the aria - Dear god, if you really wanted us to resist men, why did you make them all so different?
Ach, ja.... women!
(Done stalking you now. Cheers, m'dear)

me said...

i agree, the 'words' are hers...but musically---can't it be more fun with more high notes? kthxbye