26 May, 2011

the audition part deux (actually, DUE)

Ok, so I had my iphone recording from the wings of the stage...and the speaker monitor was right next to it so the piano accompaniment is super loud..BUT- I KINDA rocked it...
I mean, I am totally happy with almost EVERY note of the doll song (the pianist even kinda messed up a half measure after my high Aflat thrown in there but got back with me immediately), and as for modern-n-crazy piece, I sang the crap out of it and I know it.

So, yea. I guess I am proud of myself. I mean, seeing as how Doll just isn't asked for as often, I was thinking, ok, maybe it wasn't the best it could be...but vocally, at least as it sounds from the wings...it actually WAS. Maybe I could have held that last note a LITTLE more 'nicely'/freely at the top, and maybe on ONE 'wind-down' I could have vibrated a bit more on one note, but otherwise...the pinpoint coloratura was there, the line was there, and hopefully the 'acting' was there too!

Ok, I'm finished obsessing now. Although I can not guarantee that I *won't* listen to the iphone again a few more times just to make sure and try to pick it apart some more...

NOW I really know that whatever happens, is out of my hands. You can sing your best, your can sing less than your best, and at the end of the day it's NOT your decision.
But for this one at least I know I sang my best. Now it's whether THEY liked it or not (or had a tuna wrap for lunch before the audition...or in this case, some home-made potato gnocchi and vino).

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