02 May, 2011

re-rehearsal day 1

It's Queenie time again...
This is the 4th 'blocking' of the show that I've had just THIS SEASON!
Only this time I'm also being 'inserted' in a previous production that has been done for the past 6 years.
So the first rehearsal was mine all mine.
No break for another scene to go back and sneak a peek at the 'new yet old yet almost the same but not really the same as before' Queen dialogue (ever-annoying, that).
Just me.
One hour alone.
Auf Deutsch.

And it went really well!
What I have to remember for THIS time around- the Queen is not SAD at all. In previous-production-that-i-sang-last-week she is SAD because her daughter has been abducted, and though she is also a bit angry at P, she is mostly sad that her power is lost and now her daughter is too.
But in this one- It's MOM for a second, but then NO. QUEEN. No sadness.
All about lost power and revenge...
and that kid better do it, OR ELSE.

One thing I DON"T have this week is internet in my apartment (I'm staying in an 'opera owned apt. which is nice and clean and small and has no internet).
So I'm sitting in Starbucks for my 2 free hours (paid for by one cup of chamomile tea for Eur1.90), and then I'll find some lunch, hang out in the apt. for a while, and go back to rehearsal tonight.

Probably won't get to check my email later unless I come back here (schade), but I'm really trying to make it a once-a-day thing...
I really am on the interwebs all.the.time.

I can survive without it ! Yes! I can!

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