11 May, 2011

sweatin' to Strauss

Sweatin' to Strauss on my ipod while: biking 20km yesterday in total (went for an evening ride as well), doing another 30 minutes of yoga video, and generally eating well again (except for one piece of chocolate!),...ok, two.

I think I actually learn things more subconsciously when I am concentrating on something else, like fitness, and also happen to have a score open, or itunes on...and of course I'm not being an active listener for any purpose-- I just like things running through my head as I do it..and if anything sticks, great.

So I'm starting a new label, XorSize, because that is what I HOPE to be doing every day now.

Not for weight loss or anything...just to feel good in the summer and be healthy.
And I'm not going to have any kind of Project associated with it.
Will just check in here and list what I've done once in a while, even though I'm keeping a 'word' document of what I'm doing and what I'm eating anyway.

So ... no goals, just do it.

Today so far: 30 min. video with weights (via youtube). Done.
Later: possible swimming depending on the weather.

Practice yesterday- audition arias for 1 hour...while preparing dinner in the kitchen (with stopping the chopping of veggies to blow in the pitch pipe and make sure I'm still right).

Today- it's quiet hours now so I have to wait until 4, but I'll probably do some Strauss.

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Alexandra said...

I absolutely adore Strauss.