03 January, 2011

well HELLOOO there 2011 :)

I'm at current-gig in currently very COLD and SNOWY climate.
Yet another queen, which means, yet again, that I have PLENTY o' time ...
and how will I use my time?
Will I learn how to knit from a youtube video? (casting on I watched twice, casting off and knitting I watched once)
Or will I learn the WORDS to next-opera? and the words AND music to next-next-opera?

Or will I take advantage of the FULL gym that is at this hotel? And the sauna and jacuzzi?

Well, I arrived yesterday at 6pm, completely exhausted and jet-lagged.
I promptly unpacked (kinda), went to the gym and did the elliptical machine for TWENTY minutes (this is epic people..I think the last time I REALLY exercised was before my wedding....that would be September), and proceeded to fall asleep around 9:45pm (7 hour time difference so I had a valiant effort).
I woke up at 5am, watched three hours of "Say yes to the dress" (don't judge), and went to the supermarket at 8:30am to get the FEW things that can fit in my minifridge, and some other staples like fruits, peanut butter, and granola bars.

First rehearsal today went very well. It was a musical rehearsal in the room.
I have some new dialogue (in English)- but it's only two lines compared to the half a page of German that I needed to memorize for last time, so I'll be fine by the time we get to staging that scene.

I already had a costume fitting today and I'm wearing a black bustier, fishnets, and a jacket/dress in dark red/black velvet. HOT... I must say- thank you for updating queen of the night and not making me have a silver tiara with stars on it and bedazzled dagger!

Things that I should do that I can't consider resolutions:
1. lose the 7 pounds that I have gained in the last 3 weeks which I blame on airplane food, the gluttony of a wedding weekend (if you EVER get a chance to eat (for free) at the 4 seasons for brunch in LA- DO IT! there are ROOMFULLS of food), followed by a vacation in hawaii.
2. MEMORIZE english for next-show. Including dialogue. (I know Act I already).
3. Work on next-next show.

Things that I CAN consider resolutions:
1. Try to be healthier ALL the time rather than just in small spurts when I have gyms available or nice weather for bike-riding.

2. Try to be more zen about the fact that I'm a professional musician.
-This means I don't talk on the phone a lot to friends that live in the US. Even when I'm in the US. Mostly, I am updated about people's lives through facebook...the occasional gchat and email...
It's easy for me to operate this way- somehow detached, but not completely. And I don't love it. I'd like to strengthen the friendships that mean more to me than just a status update

-This means I don't get to buy a yearly pass for Bikram yoga since I work out of the country for 6 months a year at least.

-This means that most of my extended family, and everyone that knows me or meets me pretty much ONLY asks me questions having to do with my schedule, where I'm singing, where I WILL sing, and whether they will hear me at the MET one day.
They ask because my 'job' is more interesting than most jobs. But a lot of times I wonder what they would ask me about if this WASN'T my job.
WOULD there be anything to talk about?

-This means that all of the googling, trying to figure out schedules, following singers and manager websites, the hiring and firing, the changes of the guard, and everything that has to do with the 'business' that I don't have control over-- I need to be able to add to my arsenal of knowledge and balance that out with the actual opportunities that I can make for myself or that my managers can make for me.
There is a LOT of information out there. Sometimes I know why certain people are in certain places, and where there are openings for me. Sometimes I don't. And I need to be more ok with that.

-This means that I would like to focus on ME and my product. Yes, product. It's the voice, the look, the attitude, and THEN who can work for me and get that out there.
I'd really like to find another set of trusted ears abroad. I'd love to do some intense work like they did in the 'good old days', where you sing for your teacher every day or every other day. And if not for a teacher, then a coach. And if not for a coach (since I don't have the dough for coachings every day) then for MYSELF.
Practicing my repertoire more often and adding new and interesting pieces to it.

I'd like to be more zen about the fact that I do love what I do, but mostly, it's an open-ended gig...like riding a wave and you're not quite sure whether you'll catch one, how far you'll ride it, or when the next big one will come along (yes, I took surfing lessons in Hawaii).
I don't think I'll fall OFF the board. I believe that technique and experience has gotten me far enough that I will stay on. I'd just like to start seeing a pattern of frequent waves. Big waves. And to make a splash.

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