29 January, 2011

flying tidbits

On my first flight of 9.5 hours:

1. Two women that spoke neither English nor German. Sitting in the Bulkhead seats. Don't put any of their things in the overhead bins. REALLY? Have you NEVER flown before? Did you not listen to ANY of the announcements saying that you can't have ANYTHING on the floor in bulkhead seats?

2. Then they try and fail at operating the touch screen tv's. They can't turn it on. They can't choose a movie. They finally DO choose a movie and are completely freaked out that it STOPS and says "PA announcement" when...THERE IS A PA ANNOUNCEMENT!
In addition, since they speak neither English nor German, they decide it would be awesome to share headphones, listen with one in each woman's ear and proceed to talk REALLY loudly to each other since they are not aware of how loud they are being...with half a movie in their other ear.

3. Then they can't figure out how to turn the reading light off. (It's done from the movie screen..which obviously they can't read in English or German...but apparently it was also easy to misinterpret that big LIGHT BULB that they saw on the screen).

4. People, when the gate attendants specifically ask that NOTHING except for larger carry-ons be placed in the overhead bins, and specifically say no jackets, small purses, etc since the flight is sold out, WHY is the first thing that needs space up there suddenly your HAT that can't be crushed and your poofy winter JACKET?

5. Also, my friends, getting up to go to the bathroom when you see any type of food or drink cart looming in the galley-- just not a good idea.
You look like an idiot standing behind them while they ask me what I want to drink. And yea- it was YOU-- lady in the bulkhead seats!!

6. Windows. When you are flying West, INTO the morning (ie takeoff 9:45 am but in the US it's only 2:45am), put your FRIKKING windowshades down! We all know how CRAPPY it is going to feel to land in Atlanta at noon having had no sleep at all!
But here you are, nose pressed against the window with the shade WIDE OPEN! Yes, all of those clouds are mighty pretty. But that sun glaring into everyone ELSE'S eyes for the entire flight and bouncing off tv screens..not so cool.

I was so tired from not having slept because of the piercing LIGHT and the two chatterboxes in front of me in the first flight, that flight #2 (sold out and I couldn't get my upgrade) was a blur. I think I fell asleep before we even left the gate.

It is now 11:22, I'm fighting to stay awake just a bit longer.
First rehearsal tomorrow afternoon.

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