23 January, 2011

one more for the win!

Last show today- it's a matinee. We've had 4 in a row and to top it all off, I have to warm up my voice before noon. Gioia :)

But it's fine. All the notes are there, and even some past the F, so that's never a problem. I went to bed early (2am) last night, shocking...I know...especially after the night of a show when I'm usually very hyper.

So I did get enough sleep. I packed my bags for my quick escape to the airport immediately after the show ends ::

4:59 show ends 5:03pm I'm out of makeup and we're off ..my flight leaves at 7:30pm..and yes, it's international and yes, I'm checking bags...and YES, I've dealt with the fact that I'll probably be the jerk cutting you all in the baggage and security line because I'm about to miss my flight..thanks

What can I say? This has been a FUN and SHORT show-- short being the word I like most about it, since I'm not too homesick, I didn't pack too much stuff, I felt like I was ok living in a hotel room for 21 days, and it was just the perfect amount of time to put the show up and feel super prepared for it.

Usually productions are just about 4 weeks plus or minus a day or two. Sometimes just under 4.
Either way..for some reason 20 feels very different from 28.

I'm excited for the last show and just as excited for my mad dash to the airport, trip home for FOUR days, and then...next show!

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