26 January, 2011

HOME! (for four days)

The last matinee was great, even though it was a matinee :)

I made it to the airport with SO much time that it was silly of me to have anxiety dreams about missing my flights for 2 nights in a row before the day of the flight.
There was NO one at the bag check-in line (I already had my boarding pass) and there was NO one at security. That means I got to eat an airport dinner, buy some sour patch kids for the flight (eaten at the Amsterdam airport around 10am the next day), and have plenty of time before boarding began.

And yet another bonus: No one on the plane! I got my two seater row to myself so I could kinda sleep/stretch out, the BABY in the middle aisle next to me was quiet for the entire flight, and they even played the Facebook movie, which I hadn't seen yet.

Arriving at home- the best feeling ever.
Today, with just two more full days here INCLUDING today-- not so much the best feeling...since, of course, I want to stay longer.

However, I must leave, or to use upcoming-opera lingo: 'il faut partir'!!

I will be a lot busier in this next production.
Character is on stage nearly the whole opera, a lot of physical comedy and movement to conquer, a lot of dialogue to make sense of with timing, and I am also doing my duty as an outreach artist- having agreed to visit some schools and talk about my experiences and sing for them a bit.
Still, it can't be so much more than 6 hours a day.
Which leaves time for NEXT-opera, and all those songs for all those competitions that I entered which I listed in my repertoire that I haven't sung since my MM recital.

But for now- relaxing, repacking, and waiting for 5pm and a night on the town!

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