27 January, 2011

staying in the game

I've never been one to rest on my laurels.
Never been satisfied knowing what I'm doing just THIS season and half of next.
Always online, looking for the next production that is still unlisted.
Mostly checking TENOR websites since those guys are booked so early!
And I've written about it before, but I'm feeling it again-- mostly from recent FB postings and update emails I've received from colleagues.
Well, direct competition colleagues, I guess- yes, 2 coloraturas CAN be friends, but when it comes down to jobs and auditions.. it can get ... competitive.
The thing is- I feel like I'm not really IN the game at all this year.
It's ironic, but when you ARE working, you have no time to audition.
I didn't go to NYC at all this year... not one audition.
I was working until mid-November, and then had a few auditions in Europe.
And now, seeing these postings and upcoming jobs and upcoming auditions-- I just wonder... where I am in this whole track.
Yes, I have jobs until January 2012. This is a great thing. They are GOOD jobs.
But I also know what's going on at a 'certain' Warm-part-of-Europe house in 2013...and how it will be a co-production of what I auditioned for at a "CERTAIN US HOUSE" last year...
And I also know who is doing Flutes and Ariadnes and Hoffmanns and Candides....
So how do you stay focused on the task at hand instead of auditions that I can't really control?
Or SHOULD I be trying to focus on getting auditions? Well, that is, letting my agent know that I've found certain information and wondering about whether THEY know if it has been cast or not?
Most people (who are more sane and less googlicious than I am), would let their agents do the work here. It is their job, and THEY get paid if they get the artist and audition and if the artist gets the job.
I understand that, but there is also so much that I simply want to know on my own, and do find out through the interwebs. And it's hard to know what do to, if anything, with that information.
I mean, I could literally start an excel chart of all the upcoming shows that I have found in future seasons that I'm not SURE have been cast yet, but all other internet trails lead to NO, and therefore- could I audition there? Well, why not?

Sigh...of course, the better way to spend my time (seeing as how it's 1am and my flight to next-opera leaves at 9:45 am tomorrow...today) is to finish packing my suitcase, close it, weigh it and make sure I come in under 50 pounds, and just relax and try to think about the fun of next-show.

On The Road 2011- take 2.

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