22 January, 2011

#2 down

A great show again.
I was feeling sluggish this morning, but a hot steamy shower a few hours before call time fixed that right up.
Felt vocally free and loose.
Was kind of annoyed to have to be singing this role in (warning, TMI)" 'girly time' (YES, there, I've said it again...)...
But everything was easy breezy.
Even went jogging for 30 minutes at the gym today which felt really good.
I LOVE that I can JOG for 30 minutes without stopping!
Ok, it's still super slow, but I don't care! I don't get wheezy or side stitches or anything...
if anything, it's just a tad boring and there has to be something mildly amusing on TV while I'm doing it.
TWO MORE and then HOME.

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