03 November, 2009

there are worse things i could dooooo...

no, not 'than go with a boy..or two'...
There are worse things than waking up at 5am, sleeping until 11:30, checking my email and other various internet things for the past 42 minutes, drinking half a gallon of OJ, and now STILL sitting in bed...or ARE there...EVEN THOUGH--

I need to be a music learning MACHINE in the next 2 weeks.

Not only is there important-audition aria/excerpt-learning, but add to that the
a. reviewing for next opera that begins Dec.20
b. memorizing next-next opera that begins Jan.10th
c. learning a new concert piece that will take place DURING next-next opera

Oh ya, and some European auditions that I need to make sure arias are always ready for.
Oh ya, and that whole "Flute" performance that I have to always be reviewing dialogue and music for.

All good things.
All must be worked on.
No pressure, just need to GET a MOVE on...and so listing the items here is my first kick in the pants to get going.

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